The knowledgeable staff at Terhune Dental is dedicated to providing you with the best care through state of the art technology including:

Dr. T uses a special handheld device called a diagnodent to detect small cavities before they cause major tooth damage. It uses a harmless laser light and in most cases the cavities discovered can be treated painlessly with no anesthetic.
Ezlase™ Laser
Dr. T uses Ezlase™ laser dentistry to improve patients’ comfort and provide better results for many common dental procedures. The Ezlase system has numerous benefits:

  • Reduced need for prescription medication
  • Faster healing times and a reduced post-operative pain
  • Easily removes bacteria between teeth and gums and stimulates gum tissue growth
  • Improves your smile through gum shaping
  • Painlessly removes oral growths
  • Immediately relieves pain from cold sores and fever blisters
Digital X-rays
  • The modern standard of diagnostic excellence
  • Reduces your exposure to radiation by 90%
  • Produces clear, definitive x-rays
Intra Oral Camera
  • A tiny camera that gives Dr. T a close up look at your teeth.
  • Leads to clearer diagnosis and informed decisions about your health
Ultra-Sonic Scalers
  • Gently removes stubborn tartar and stains by pulsating and spraying warm water as deposits are removed from the outside of the teeth.
  • Shortens the time required to clean teeth surfaces.
Rotary Endodontics
Rotary Endodontics is a method Dr. T utilizes for root canal treatment. He uses an electric handpiece to perform the procedure as opposed to the standard drill. The electric handpiece:

  • Reduces root canal pain and enhances comfort
  • Cleans and shapes the canals faster than using normal hand files
  • Eliminates drill noise
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