Medical Billing

We are excited to offer medical billing to help reduce out-of-pocket costs to our patients. This means when being seen at
Terhune Dental, not only do we offer dental billing, but we will do our best to help you get access to medical coverage as
well. And if all else fails, we offer patient financing so money doesn’t have to be the limiting factor in treatment. Now, with
these advanced services, we are helping more patients get the care they need and want.
Did you know medical insurance may actually cover certain dental procedures? That’s right, and here at Terhune Dental,
we are excited to offer medical billing as a courtesy to our patients. We will evaluate your treatment plan, and then based
on your medical insurance benefits, we will do our best to get you access to medical coverage. Ultimately it is our goal to
do everything we can to minimize patient out-of-pocket costs and help every patient be able to afford the care that they
want and need.

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